Leva loved nookles (pacifiers). Geert is a thumb man. Hattie loves nookles. But while Leva and Hattie both had as strong an affinity for the things, Hattie has a messed up bite. I don’t know the real term for it, but her front teeth don’t meet, while her back teeth do, making it impossible for her to bite things. Especially crunchy things, like carrot sticks. Or apples. And the kid can’t take a bite of pizza. Over the last year, she’s learned to bite with her molars and doesn’t seem to complain, but after discussing with the dentist and finding that the prolongation of her “messed up bite” was likely due to the addictive nookle, we decided to ditch it. cold turkey. Yesterday, she did really well – took a good nap, slept at night, and didn’t seem to miss it too much. Tonight she’s wailing. Poor punkin. I know she’ll get used to it, but oh, poor punkin.