Today was the first official swim meet. An intersquad, but still, the kids had to go up to the blocks and swim in their own lane and be timed. Leva was psyched. She couldn’t wait to try to dominate (where is all of this competitiveness coming from??), and swam the 100 free relay, 25 free, and 25 back. The first race was the relay and she was the anchor. Her team was in dead last, by a lot, when it was her turn to swim and she swam as hard as she could, breathing out of both sides! She was all smiles when she climbed out of the pool and ran over to me. “Did I win?!” was her question. No, love, you lost, but did you have fun? I LOVED IT!!! Next up, the 25 free. She was in a heat of five girls and she and Marlo tied for first. She got a bacon flavored lollipop, which she hated, so she ate it as fast as she could. (?) She she caught the bug – she had won.

Geert was nervous. He kept remarking how deep the deep end is, and how it seems deeper when he swims towards it, rather than jumping off the boards and swimming away from it. He asked if he had to swim as hard as he could or if he could take a break. Then, when it was time for the bullpen, he goofed around with the other boys, and when time to report poolside, got up on the blocks, looking pretty cool. At the gun, he dove in (!!) and swam as hard as he could to the other side. He breathed to the side and slapped the water with his arms and made it all the way! He came out beaming. “I got fourth!!” After the meet, he was ready to try on his swim cap and was asking about the next practice. He bought it.

Waiting for the last event, Leva met Mo, a patient of mine. He had come up to say hi and check in and was very friendly to her. After that, all she could talk about was Mo. Where is Mo? Who’s that man, can he babysit us? (He’s 15) Did Mo see me swim? Before her event he wished her good luck and she proceeded to crush the 25y back. And Mo became her good luck charm (or source of first infatuation, whichever). Leva came home ecstatic. She loved swimming and was talking about practicing to become faster. She even asked if she could go to the pool tomorrow to “swim laps”. Uh, no. No pool tomorrow. How about the park?