Four is big girl status, not that Hattie didn’t seem to hit that ages ago, and this year she actually got a real live party. She celebrated on birthday eve at Wendy’s gymnastics (again, because having a zillion kids in the house only four months ago for Leva’s birthday still has us in PTSD) and, literally, invited every child that she knows. This time around, we thought, why not? It’s not in our house. But hilariously the kids just kept coming – some that didn’t RSVP, some we’re not even sure we invited – 23 in all. They tore up the place and had a blast.

Warming up – that’s Hattie in the purple leotard. Excuse me, GYMNASTICS SUIT, that she wears every time she goes to her lesson

Doing some beam

Swinging from ropes

Leva enjoying the pit

Geert trying out the “vault”

Aaaand, the group shot. With a cranky Hattie plugging her ears because it was too loud. Then she didn’t want anyone to touch her. Then she didn’t want to sit in the middle. I took six pictures. This is the best one. I think that sums it up.

The next day we thought she would enjoy tubing at Mad River Mtn with Leva and Geert’s school sponsored trip. No, she did not. We got her up to the top of the hill for the first run and she was already screaming. I dumped her in a tube, turned around to get in mine (while B, L, and G held on to us), only to turn around and see her screaming and crawling out of it like a cat out of a bathtub. I dumped her back in again because we had no other way down the hill and she howled the whole way. We spent the rest of the morning at the slopes like this:

While the other kids did this:

Then we hit up Baba and Gummy’s house for another party, had a great dinner, cake, and more presents.


Hattie Roo, you’re our favoritest girl in the whole wide world. We love your spunk and your singing and your ability to love everyone and make sure they know it. You brighten a room like no one I’ve ever met and make new friends for us all of the time. We love you!