Where does the time go?? I can’t help but remember that when Leva turned this age, Geert was one, Hattie was on the way, and we all got laid out with the swine flu. Not to take away from Hattie, but her birthday was much less “exciting”. She requested palmiers for breakfast, Baba came in for an easy lunch, Leva talked her into asking to go bowling for her fun activity (which was really fun), we had her favorite chocolate chip cookie cake with ice cream for dinner, and then played until bedtime. Next year it will be time for parties and friends and sharing the celebration, so we relished this last year of having her to ourselves. Happy Birthday, Hendrika, we adore you!

Baba’s Tinkerbell book gift

So excited to bowl!!

Anyone order a tall glass of water? (seriously, when did she grow up and get to be so tall??)

At first, Hattie insisted on rolling her own balls. They blazed down the lane at a clocked 1.1 mph, barely making it to the pins and when they did, sloggishly pushing a pin or two over. She later graduated to the ramp, while continuing to insist on placing her own balls. I have a great video of her barely getting a heavy ball to the ramp, dropping it and almost losing a foot, but i sort of filmed it sideways and so can’t post it. Ugh.

I’m FWEE!!!