Miss Hendrika is now officially a preschooler! This is funny to us, because she’s been telling everyone all year that she already goes. “You come to pweschool wif me? You come to pway on my pwaygwound at my school wif me? I go to school!” But now, because of a last minute class addition, she’s actually going! At the tender age of not-quite-three, just like her big sister. Hattie’s first day was very different from Leva’s, though. She marched into the school, headed right to her classroom, said hello to Mrs. Amato on the way (the school’s director, whom she already knows), and was practically giving high-fives on the way. Once inside, she picked her nametag out on the first try (”My name Hattie! H-A-T-T-I-E!), gave Mrs Gilliam a hug, and headed over to the toys.



Then she pouted because it was *not* time to play with toys, it was time for carpet time. Mrs Gilliam scooped her up and set her on her lap and we ran.