Did anyone happen to catch this program? If not, it’s on again tomorrow at 5p on the history channel. A typical drawn out show where they stretch what could probably be one hour of material into two for what I assume is sponsorship… but I actually think it’s worth it for a few small snippets. In short, this man, who’s name I already forget but has excellent hair (like Hattie), took the shroud of Turin, and created a CG image of the man in it. Interesting because the show explores the controversy of the shroud and its history and possible authenticity, and interesting to see modern day technology take a two dimensional “photo” and turn it into what looks like a man alive. But compelling to see what Jesus could have looked like at the moment of his death. I don’t wish to debate whether the shroud is authentic or not, or even whether or not I believe it is, but what DID cause me to pause was the picture of the brutality of the day of crucifixion. The blood. The complete savagery. The man in the shroud was obviously beaten and whipped and tortured beyond comprehension. As Jesus was. It was not a pretty man on a pretty cross, sighing his last to die easily and serenely for our sins and salvation. It was a murder, cruel and unjust, and the sight of what it might have looked like, not just to us, but to his loved ones who watched, was, to me, astounding and heartbreaking. And it reminded me of what was given up for me. And for my family. And for you. He is risen, indeed.

Link here: RealFace