Geert helps Hattie. Sort of.

Which means she’s no longer a baby! MY BABY!! She’s our first child to turn two without a younger sibling and an overly over-tired set of parents (just over-tired at this point). The bossiest and sassiest of our children, she’s also our best talker. She knows the words to all of her favorite songs (Tangled soundtrack, jack johnson songs, in addition to the usual ABCs and twinkle twinkle set) and knows the motions to several dances on the XBox game, Just Dance 3. She still seems to prefer Dynamite, but Party Rock Anthem has been a favorite recently as well, rock on. She has started refusing to sit in her high chair, and drink out of a sippy cup, both of which she’s not ready to leave yet, so we clean up after her constantly. She loves to run around naked before bedtime (no surprise there). Calls all dogs woofy. Still chain-sucks her nookles and will sneak upstairs to see if she can find any under her bed when we’re not looking, and then come triumphantly downstairs saying “I find it nookle!! yay nookle!!!” Throws excellent tantrums (see below). And has the most poutiest, kissable lips and chocolate eyes that make us want to eat her up. Three kids is way better than two. We love you, Hattie Roo.

Upon entering the zoo, a family treat in honor of the birthday girl, Hattie promptly throws tantrum #1. We’re not sure why, but Leva give us the “really? i have to sit with the loud kid?” look. Tantrum #2 came later when she laid herself out on the ground screaming on our way into the house next to the barn. Hmm. Once she got it all out of her system, the rest of the day at the zoo was actually really fun.

Cupcake with a spoon? Don’t mind if I do!

No spoon needed when you eat ice cream this way! (actually, you do need a spoon, it was a mess)

BIRTHDAY MIRACLE!!! All three kids sharing one new birthday present? Will we ever see anything like this again??

Time to write down all of the hilarious and not-so-hilarious things that Hattie says for posterity. At 19.5 months, she’s quite the talker, and, I must say, quite the ORNERY talker. At least 50% of what she says starts with a mad, pouty “I don WAN it!” She’ll then clarify, by adding a subject at the end, typically a family member. “I don WAN it! Daddy.” “I don WANT it! Mama.” She can say Leva (Fa Fa), Geert (GG), Mama and Daddy. She loves to eat see-ree in the morning (cereal) with Ju. She love Kiko’s (cookies) and will string them together “Kikokikokikokiko!!” which eventually will sound like Koki koki! and be pretty close to the word cookie. She will scream “BUS!!!!!” at this incredibly high, grating pitch and I always wonder what she’s so mad about until I see a bus go by. She knows digger and truck and car and the differences between them (thanks G). She loves to dance and wear dresses and skirts, and plays with her babies. She asks constantly to be “ousside!” She thinks she’s five and will bulldoze her way into a group of children twice her size and not even flinch. She’s getting really good at saying “sowwy” because she has to say it all the time. We’ve recently started putting her in time out (for all of 30 seconds) because she’ll get mad and hit you in the face, hard. At first we tried the firm “no no! hattie, that’s not nice!”, but she’d look at us grinning. So then we pulled out the louder “NO!” to try to get a response. Didn’t work. Now we put her in the red time out chair and she sits there smiling and kicking her little fat legs, actually staying there until we release her, and then she’ll toddle over and say “SOWWY MAMA!” and give big hugs. She loves to brush her teeth and her hair, hates to have her diaper changed, likes to sit the in rear row of the mini-van next to Leva so they can hold hands between car seats. Throws so much food that I can’t keep up, but is the only child we’ve ever had who can chew and not choke and die. She even eats apples and prefers them whole. She gets so mad that she lets out the silent scream until her little lips turn purple and you think she’s going to pass out as you encourage “take a breath take a breath!” until she finally wails and pinks up again. And she gives the best hugs – hugs like her Uncle Chad used to give at this age. The other morning, as she woke up in her crib, she started calling out “DO-NUTS! Where ARE you?!”. Of course, i got up, and we hit the Tim Horton’s drive through in our jammies.


Hattie is the oldest Fischer kid to walk, but when she does, she does it with STYLE! We think she’s been able to walk independently for quite some time now, but whether it was youngest child “they’ll do it for me” syndrome or a case of the nerves, she just recently started taking off on her own. Listen to those giggles – she can’t walk without laughing the whole time.

Hendrika Ruth Fischer joined our family (on the outside) on February 17, 2010 at 7:10am. And although the last year has been a “challenge”, to say the least, we wouldn’t want it any other way. She’s our happy, bubbly, laid back sweetheart of a baby (best baby ever) who loves her siblings and makes us smile every day. It’s funny, although you can remember a time before your child, or any of them for that matter, don’t you feel like you’ve always known them? Like they’ve been in your heart all along? Hattie has been and we adore her. Happy birthday, Hattie!!

The birthday girl

Leva give Hattie tips on cupcake eating

Geert eyes the cupcakes

Oh, that’s good!

All clean!!

The bedtime routine has changed over the last few years. Leva and Geert still share a room (it’s been at least six months now), Hattie still sleeps in a pack ‘n’ play in the bathroom (again, six months now) and we still get our kids to bed, typically, before 7:30 (seemingly insane by today’s standards), but the prep work changes almost monthly. These days we sing the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer (a tune I made up), followed by the “Our Father” song (a tune I stole from my college days at St. Marys), and then snuggle. We used to say God Blesses, but once Leva started blessing all of her toys in nauseating detail, we got rid of it. Geert gets to turn out the light and then get flown to his crib Astro-boy style, Leva needs her pajama legs pulled down so her calves don’t get cold. All get hugs and snuggles, and then we try to outdo each other. We typically start with the “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” (scary, because, you may remember one day, bed bugs are raging around the country and grossing everyone out), and go from there. Tonight’s duel went like this:
Me: Don’t let the bears bite.
Leva: Don’t let the pigs bite.
Me: Don’t let the alligators bite.
Leva: Don’t let the chickens bite. (that one got me laughing)
Me: Don’t let the mosquitos bite.
Leva: Don’t let the stink bugs bite! (that one got me laughing harder)

Another highlight of tonight’s routine that had me laughing through: Geert added some background vocals to the Our Father. It went a little something like this: “For the kingdom (cars and trucks cars and trucks) and the power (cars and trucks cars and trucks) and the gwowy are YOO-OOOOURS!” Is there anything cuter than a 2 year old singing his prayers in his little two year old voice and speech impediment?

Hendrika Ruth is 9 months old today and continues to amaze us with her progress. Let’s run through a couple:
She continues to be our biggest baby and is very, very squeezable. I want to eat her.
She’s started to get a little attitude. All she wants to do is hold our fingers and walk, which after a short time, starts to kill our old-people-backs. But if we sit her down, she doth protest – not by crying, but by this annoying, constant whining. Which she manages to make very loud (afterall, she has to be heard over her even louder siblings).
She likes food, but only smooth foods, like cereal. Adding a 9month food with even small, soft chunks in it screws up her face in the most distorted manner. Pretty hilarious.
She’s on the move. Although her first love is definitely “walking”, she’ll settle for crawling or her funny way of slithering if necessary. She can make it across the house, which means we have to go back to baby-proofing. Ugh.
You can tell this kid has a sense of humor and is very adventurous, a little different than we had first pegged her for. It’ll be interesting to see that develop.

All of our kids have gotten baptized in October. Leva when she had just turned one, Geert when he was only four months old, and Hattie at seven months. Just kinda turned out that way. But the weather has always been perfect and the little party outside afterwards has always been a hit. It’s fun to remember each kid’s experience at the font – Leva spent her time trying to climb up and down the stairs of the altar, Geert screamed his head off and I had to leave (go figure), and sweet Hattie gazed, with the most innocent face at Pastor Dan as he baptized her. I wish I had a video of it, she looked so content, so certain, and so peaceful, I could have eaten her up even more than usual. Happy baptism, Hattie. You are our child of God.




Hattie’s six months old! Her personality seems to have established itself – she’s a sweet, even-tempered, patient, wide-eyed, smiley girl. Just like her sister. And her dad. Well, except for that girl part. We couldn’t have been blessed with a happier baby, and as we like to say around here: “she’s our best baby yet!”


So Hattie blazed into this world in all her glory, fast and furiously. And then, she rested. It’s interesting when you look back at your children and how they came into this world and what they were like in their first hours, to see how it really is a window into who they will be. Leva came in early and unexpectedly, quickly, but easily. Then she gazed about in wide-eyed wonder. She wasn’t hungry or irritated or at times even tired, she just gazed. Geert came in at the last minute, also quickly, but arrived screaming his head off. We should have known right then. He screamed through his bath, screamed through his exam, screamed when they combed his long dark locks. And when he stopped screaming, he looked frustrated, but cuddled. Hattie arrived late. Three days late, to be exact. She lazed her way around inside, and then, a day before she was scheduled to be ejected from her warm little home, she came out and she came out FAST. My water broke at 4am, we were checking into the hospital at 4:45, and by 5:45 i was complete. And not fully registered. I begged for anesthesia (how women endure “natural” childbirth, I’ll never know), and upon arriving, he looked confused and said “but she’ll just push and it’ll be over.” I begged louder until he begrudgingly administered the medication, and i relaxed my grip on the rail. Totally worth it, I enjoyed meeting Hattie when she arrived only a short while later. Now Hattie is somewhat of a hybrid of her siblings – she has Leva’s seeming powers of observation, Geert’s appetite and occassional temper, but most of all, Hattie’s easy. Really easy, in baby terms. A no-fuss, good eater and pooper with minimum spit-ups, she’s exactly what the tired, unprepared parents of three children 39 months and younger could want. Welcome, Hattie – we love you!!

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