Pootie II

but smaller than a soccer ball? Apparently, this. Thanks to Auntie Kate for the tutorial.


Leva loves Pootie II: love

Okay, for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while and keep asking “but how BIG are you?”, here’s your answer: I’M HUGE!! Big. Gigantic. Yes, my pants keep falling down every time I stand up. Yes, I have to roll over to get up off the floor or out of bed. Yes, I’ve outgrown many of my maternity pants and shirts because even they aren’t long enough to cover the ridiculous protrusion of my belly. My goodness. And so, for comparison, here I am at 35 weeks and three days gestation, with a comparison picture from Leva at 35 weeks and four days gestation, otherwise known as the night before I had her. You tell me – bigger?

Pootie II 35/3Leva 35/4

Pootie II                                                                                         Leva

Pencil-legged contortionist!!


We had our second ultrasound on New Year’s Eve, and no, we did not find out the sex, so it’s another exciting suprise. I think it’s a boy, Brad thinks it’s a girl. At times, a heated debate. Pootie II was funny, and had his/her arms and feet above his/her head, apparently sleeping this way, for most of the test. (see the fingers above the head?) I was instructed to get up, go to the bathroom, and do jumping jacks to try to maneuver him/her into a more photogenic position. So far, all systems are a go and it’s exciting to be *almost* half way there. More pics are here in the gallery; don’t be alarmed at the scary 3-D pic. We knew it was too early for a cute photo, but thought we’d try anyway. Eyes closed, mouth gaping, arms still over the head. What a looker! (Sort of like how Brad sleeps…)

Pootie II

Expected date of arrival: May 31, 2008

(For those of you already doing the math in your heads, that’ll make them about 19 months apart)