It's on!


We’re really looking forward to the game on Sunday. Last year, when we lived in Maine, Stacy made Primanti sandwiches. The only thing missing was the Iron City. I picked up a six pack at Giant Eagle last night, so this year we’ll have both. All we have left to buy is taco dip ingredients!

Go Steelers!






Holy Cow.

Big Ben saved the day yesterday…or did he? After Nick Harper picked up Jerome’s fumble, I was surprised at how easily he went down from a one handed tackle. Of all the players on the Colts to pick up the ball, it was the guy with a stab wound. You got to love that!

Go Steelers!

For most people, clever cheers and fanatical team support are synonymous with schools like Duke and Ohio State. To me, they’ve got nothing on Calvin. Especially considering that the pool of great cheers for conservative, Christian colleges is quite a bit smaller than that of their secular counterparts. We have two rules for rousing our pious team: no swearing AND no crude hand gestures. That alone eliminates hundreds – maybe thousands of possibilities! So we must exercise much care, effort and creativity to come up with a truly unique cheer. Take for example, this rally cry from today’s cross country championships:

Hail Calvin!
Hail Knights!
Hail Diemer!
"Hail" Yeah!


It was a beautiful day in central Ohio. I didn’t stick around for the race wrap-up, but from the results, it looks like the University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse nipped the Knights in the end. Check the photo gallery for the latest pictures.

Then click the links below for videos of fans storming the course, and the leaders midway through the race. Both are quite large, so you may want to try downloading the files rather than streaming them from my site.

Course video 

Leaders video